The Call
Deadline: 10th of December

As stated in the Overture, our wish is to open up for a re-contextualisation of what a conference can be for us as practitioners, hosts and participants, in the act of sharing. Our intention is to create situations of movement (however you may interpret that) through potential encounters with practices, thoughts and actions, spaces, beings and food.
We wish to harbour a dialogue of care, intimacy and embodiment. A sharing of emergent difference, vitalising entanglement and unexpected crystallisation.

We, as a liquid, nomadic group of artists, invite you to contribute to this gathering. We wish to welcome all proposals, be they performances, lecture performances, papers, practices, installations, traces, artistic materials or workshops... as far as we, the liquid nomads, within the framework and resources of our institution (DOCH), with a limited budget, can meet and facilitate. The encounter is the gift.
We warmly welcome your flow into Confluence.

In thinking about the usual nature of a conference, we found we didn’t want to simply host a platform for the presentation of ideas born elsewhere, we wanted to be the catalyst for a more experiential exchange. We decided to call this the Confluence because we wish participants to bring their proposals with the intention of creating and observing the cross-overs between diverse projects and thought processes, to localize our work alongside another’s.

All 14 of us, in the New Performative Practices MA group, are going to read and reflect upon your proposals in order to find common inflection points to propose different encounters that we hope will generate new ways of thinking and reflection. We want to be in a dialogue with you, so that the curational aspects of the confluence are done through a localized entanglement.

Part of our role as hosts will involve curating spaces through which this Confluence can flow (see webpage – click DOCH). Which space your proposal is situated in will be determined through our dialogue on common interests, grounds, intentions.

The website will be updated as the tide rises, please check back to the site for more information.